Sick as a dog

Around Tuesday of last week, I began to get a sharp pain in my stomach. I had a similar stomach pain about 8 years ago and went to a Gastroenterologist who with an endoscopy and colonoscopy determined nothing was wrong so he just told me to stick to the bland diet. Figuring as much on Tuesday, I went on with my regular diet and just cut out anything with tomatoes or pizza sauce.

By Friday, my stomach was fire. I went to the ER where they did a CT scan and concluded with my stomach lining being thicker than normal it must be gastritis and to stick to a bland diet. They gave me two scripts, one of Protonix and one of Carafate. All day yesterday I was able to get a total of 6 bites of solid food throughout the day. I tried soup, mashed potatoes, and rice. I also had a couple of cups of unsalted chicken stock which surprisingly didn’t taste as bad as it sounds. The pain in my stomach subsided last night, but started furiously in my intestines, that’s my only guess of where because it’s lower than my stomach, the same pain, and a bit to the left of my belly button.

In other news, Thursday night I went and hung out with Ugo. I met his daughter who was really cool. We had a good time. Then Saturday I was like, just want to be friends? And he’s all, sure we make great friends.

So there’s that. I liked the idea of trying on a relationship, but I feel I like being single more at this point. He’s like the male version of myself so I’m sure it’s the same for him. Plus, we do make great friends. I don’t think we’d really be able to date for the longterm.