No Fucks Given

Lose all expectations. Don’t assume. Above all else, do your best.

This seems to be the theme of self-development lately. I think not long ago it was self-help, but I can’t lie, I prefer it self-development. Yesterday, I was trying to find a similar book to “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck.” I still sometimes catch myself pronouncing the “b” in the word subtle. When discussing the pronunciation of superlative with a coworker one time, she had a fancy word for when you learn a word by reading. I forget the fancy word, but you may know it.

In general, I give too many fucks. I care too much what others think. I do my best by trying to be perfect, but sometimes it bites me in the ass and I make more mistakes than I would have if I had given less fucks.

Today this changes. I go into work and do my best by giving less fucks. I do my best by having zero expectations on others and their perception of me and even less assumptions.

No fucks given is my motto for the day. And the sheer veneer I play of going with the flow will be a reality.

Here it comes, a better version of me.