Some people like hearing about dreams. Typically these people are also very into dream interpretation. If you’re not, you may skip this post if you like. I know, so kind of me to give you permission.

I was hosting a party at my house. The house in my dream. I believe it was a townhome. I walked up the stairs to find a group of people surrounding a nude woman. She was splayed across a block of some sort and a guy sitting up by her head, had her face covered by a pillow while he was making a show of groping her breasts.

I pushed him back and grabbed the pillow off of her face. She was passed out cold and I smacked her hand and face to wake her. She woke dazed and disappeared. I admonished him for such awful behavior when a person begins to speak up on his behalf. In the dream it was a childhood friend I had a falling out with a couple years ago. Of all people. I remind her of what happened to me when we were 14 at that hotel and she acts as if she hasn’t any idea what I am talking about.

Fast-forward because I don’t remember the in-between or because the dream jumped. She and I are hugging and crying of how we’ve missed each other and I wake up.

I would never host a party. If a guy was groping an unconscious woman or girl, I would call the cops. And that bit about forgiving people who don’t believe you is garbage. So in essence, I have no idea what my brain was trying to process.